Legal Services

Boling & Company uses a collaborative model to provide affordable and effective legal services to hospitals, physicians & businesses in and outside of the health care field, with a focus on:

Health Care

Boling & Company offers both the experience and versatility necessary to tackle legal issues new and old in the healthcare arena. Backed by William Boling's general counsel and senior leadership history at the Medical College of Georgia, our healthcare branch has emerged as a versatile and reliable ally to health providers during tumultuous times. Our services include negotiation and drafting of critical healthcare contracts such as affiliation/management agreements and physician/personnel contracts; litigation in administrative contexts (certificate of need, audits, claims denials) and civil courts (negligence, medical malpractice, fraud and abuse); and compliance counsel specializing in payment regulation of Medicare and Medicaid, privacy regulation, the Affordable Care Act, and telemedicine. 


A key subspecialty within our general healthcare practice is telemedicine and telehealth law. William Boling counseled one of the earliest adopters of telemedicine locally and nationally, REACH Health, during his time at the Medical College of Georgia. In recent years, Boling & Company has assisted a variety of telemedicine providers with matters such as corporate formation, strategic positioning, risk management, and telemedicine-specific compliance. We will represent your telemedicine practice in dealings with medical boards, public and private payers, technology vendors, and fellow providers.


Boling & Company represents large and small corporations in the many facets of their business. From day-to-day challenges like employment disputes and government compliance, to transformative events like management restructuring and shareholder litigation, we will do what is necessary to keep your company alive and flourishing. And because of our intimate environment, we are able to not only address your legal issues, but also connect with the people who make your business thrive. 

Transactions, Mergers and Acquisitions 

Boling & Company has a broad range of experience with transactions of all scopes and complexity. Our approach is grounded in more than 30 years of business experience, including William Boling's experience as a senior leadership member of a major academic medical center, along with representation of an array of regional and rural health systems and providers. We offer the business savvy necessary to advance your interests in a negotiation and the thoroughness needed to execute sound business deals. 


As a "first mover" in mediation in the 1980s, William Boling has served as an arbitrator and mediator in a wide range of cases, including high-dollar wrongful death cases. 


Health care is currently in a state of change. We provide consulting services to health providers who see opportunity in the chaos  whether that be a rural institution in need of a lifeline or an urban healthcare challenger looking to accelerate its growth. We are ideally positioned to help health leaders navigate this sea change because we blend healthcare industry experience and instincts with relevant legal expertise.

But our consulting services do not stop at healthcare. Our extensive experience in transactional and managerial matters lends itself to many facets of the business landscape. Because we think like entrepreneurs ourselves, we appreciate the nuances of creative growth and sustainability in challenging times. 

While our ultimate business is improving our clients' financial standing, we know that entrepreneurial leaders also care about emotional profits. Boling & Company is focused on fostering innovative healthcare opportunities that yield great personal benefits in addition to financial gains.